Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Transit In Atlanta Should Look Like

This map was produced by Citizens for Progressive Transit in 2006 and illustrates what transit in Atlanta should look like. Click HERE for the hi-res version.

Ironically, the routes extending to the edges of the map in all directions, listed here as Commuter Rail, were operated multiple times daily by the major railroads 50+ years ago. I live near Conyers on the east side of Atlanta and the restored ninteenth century rail depot is still adorned with a sign showing mileage to Atlanta and Augusta. Once upon a time you could have boarded a train here and arrived at Atlanta's Union or Terminal stations in 45 minutes. From there you could have connected to trains bound for anywhere in the country. It all sounds whimsically futuristic, doesn't it?

Conyers depot: from here to anywhere in the U.S. Hard to imagine.


  1. :o What a beautiful map.

  2. i don't think the map is good enough, honestly. it doesn't reflect marta's current plans at all. i have an idea for transit in west midtown, most likely heavy rail:

    i've messed around with the path a few times but to me it's obvious that west midtown, georgia tech, cumberland and vinings are in heavy need of a real transit solution.

    i also think that the transit stations need to be renamed. unless you're EXTREMELY familiar with the street system in atlanta, the station names make no sense. garnett? garnett is a 50 foot long street in south downtown. why not name it "south downtown"? "civic center"? why not name it SoNo, they're trying to push that name anyway, and it's right there in the middle of it! "Ashby"? Ashby street doesn't even exist anymore (it's Lowery now) and it doesn't tell you where on ashby you're getting off (there is a HUGE difference between getting off at ashby and MLK and getting off at ashby and simpson). it needs to be called "westside village".

  3. Have you seen the tunnel stub before the Decatur Station that darts off along the CSX track that crosses Dekalb Ave? Planners in the 70s thought we would build a line along this corridor to 285 near Northlake Mall. I still think it would be a great idea.

  4. why you post no more?