Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goody's on Ponce

Top: December 10, 1995  Bottom: March 1, 2012
OK, the obvious question: "What's up with that mannequin?"

Inspired by the book The Red Couch, in which a red velvet sofa is taken across the USA and photographed in various odd locations, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to take our band's mannequin Sinead on a similar tour of Atlanta landmarks. Somehow I convinced a few friends to help out and we set sail on this beautiful sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, it was about 38 degrees and really windy, and after an hour of frozen numbness, we gave it up. Traumatized by the experience, and feeling kinda silly walking around town with a mannequin on my head, I never completed my own twisted little coffee table book. Too bad, because now it seems like it would've been pretty cool.

Anyway, back to Goody's... The building has been abandoned for years. Who would have thought that film would die such a quick death and that Kodak would be on its deathbed only a decade after digital cameras became commonplace? I expect more condos as soon as the economy improves.

My friend "The Mover", who assisted me on the ill-fated mannequin expedition, also documented this stretch of road in 1995 with a series called The Ponce de Leon Panorama Project. Here is his shot of Goody's.

Ponce Panorama #17

To see The Mover's massive 30-shot panoramic montage of mid-1990s Ponce, just click the photo below. Be sure to check to peruse his photos on flickr. There are hundreds of great pictures from around Atlanta.

Ponce de Leon Avenue Panorama Project 1995


  1. Now I have to go to Krispy Kreme and I'm going to blame somebody on this blog.

  2. As a native Atlantan, many thanks for the work you're putting into your wonderful web site. Atlantatimemachine is also one of my favorites! Anyhow, I believe the mannequin is smelling those donuts across the street ... or is that before Kripsy Kreme blessed our lives! Keep up the great work!

    Tad Jackson

  3. Thanks Tad! Atlanta Time Machine is the mothership. This is merely a small satellite spinning in a 1990s orbit. Glad you're enjoying it.

  4. You're welcome, my friend!

    One hugely important thing I appreciate is that you, and Greg over at ATM, take the "after" photograph from the original angle. I know it's sometimes hard to get to sometimes, but most of the time you pull it off really well and it makes for a more satisfying and logical presentation.

    I teach history, among other subjects, and I'm always preaching to my kids about how the study of history is more fascinating when you compare then and now in all of the areas of our lives ... philosophically, socially, politically, and of physical places. If they're still there!

    Anyhow, all the best from one of you new fans. I visit your site every day to see the fascinating evolution … good or bad … of our town.


  5. I love the smell of donuts on Ponce with just a hint of Burger King. If there are constants on Ponce besides the donuts, it's the constant yellow abandonment of this corner. There's never a soul in sight. It was a campaign HQ for a while, don't remember who or when.

  6. The Goody's Building was Shirley Franklin's Campaign Headquarters when she ran for Mayor in 2001. The side of the building had a huge blow up photo of her official campaign headshot plastered to the side of it, which is probably why the original paint is now peeling...

  7. one burning question— what happened to the chimney??

  8. I noticed that too. Strange.

  9. That white strip on the bottom was painted on just a month ago:

    1. The building is for sale so maybe they're trying to tidy it up. I hate to see them paint over the ancient yellow.

  10. Don't forget a tip of the hat to the old Nitery/Celebrity Club there alongside the Kodak shop!