Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Wave In The New South

From my suburban vantage point in the early 1980s, Atlanta seemed like a magical bohemian paradise with a new wave scene that nearly rivaled the earth shaking happenings in nearby Athens. I was in my early teens, too young to drive and way too young to get into clubs, but thanks to the Atlanta Video Music Channel and college radio stations like WREK and WRAS Album88, the sights and sounds of  local bands like The Restraints, The Brains and the Swimming Pool Q's were continually pouring in. It was an incredibly exciting time to be a kid in Atlanta.

I just heard about this new documentary, "New Wave in the New South" and this teaser looks great...

The Restraints were my fave local band thanks to this very amusing video that includes a nice shot of the early 80s Atlanta skyline and the Varsity.

And here's a short documentary about the Atlanta Video Music Channel.

VMC vs. The Radio Star from Terminus Films on Vimeo.


  1. Arms Akimbo! That takes me back.

    Nice videos -- thanks for posting those. I especially love that VMC one because that channel was a big part of my youth. I can't believe how briefly it was on the air! It seems like it was longer.

    Yep, I was a teen in the suburbs too in the 80s. Living in a Cobb County subdivision and wishing I could go to 688.

  2. 688, Agora, Metroplex and VMC - all coming back to me now.
    Loved - great doc.