Thursday, January 5, 2012

Into the DeLorean

Oops AJC! The Peachtree Plaza is under construction in the left photo which means this was 1975 and not 1980.
In 1989 I found a pair of now/then photos in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that blew my mind. Two pictures taken from the same spot that drove home a powerful point - in less than a decade my hometown had become nearly unrecognizable. How soon would it be until I became a stranger in my own hometown? (Yeah, I know that's an Elvis song.) How weird to be so young and feel so old. I cut out the newspaper blurb, stuffed it away in a desk drawer and thought it would be interesting to take photos around town of scenes that were certain to vanish in the near future. "In 2 decades I'll come back and take a second shot from the exact same perspective." Many of the photos I took during that time can be seen over at Flickr. 23 years later I'm finally returning to some of those same spots and catching the ball I tossed into the air at age 21, always with the odd sensation that I may run into my younger self or Christopher Lloyd along the way. I'll be posting the photos and meanderings here. Into the DeLorean and away we go...


  1. Just caught up on the first month of posts, this is AWESOME. Thanks!

  2. Actually, the AJC mislabeled the picture on the left. That shot was taken in 1975-76, not 1980 (You can see the construction crane on top of the Westin in the background). Great article nonetheless!