Friday, May 18, 2012

East of the ATL: Then and Now

I noticed my photo comparison of the site of the old Lithonia, GA railroad depot has been making the rounds on several blogs and thought I'd point readers to the entire set of photographs. Entitled Now and Then: East of Atlanta, the set features recreations of vintage photos taken in Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lithonia and Conyers, GA. Some of the original shots are nearly a century old! If you enjoy this blog and are a fan of the Atlanta Time Machine, you'll probably dig these too.

Lithonia, GA Now and Then: Ghosts of the railroad


  1. Great photo -- I wish we still had some of these old passenger train lines.

    Speaking of old rail lines, have you seen this post about the mule-drawn "rapid transportation" line in Covington in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century? There's a nice photo:

  2. Thanks for the link Darin! It's great to see those old photos. 50 years ago you could have boarded a train in Covington and be standing in Atlanta's Union Station an hour later. It's sad to think what we have lost. Here's a photo of the sign that still adorns the Conyers depot: There were once 3 or 4 trains a day between here and Atlanta.

  3. hey "Zeus"— i've been trying to find out when they changed the streetlights in atlanta from the original mercury vapour (greenish white) to the sodium vapour (orange looking) lights. i'm thinking it was sometime in the 80s or early 90s— but very few of the streetlights, if any, are still powered by MV. in contrast greenville SC still has a ton of MV streetlights and it really creates a different feel at night.

    i was born in 1990, and i *think* i remember the streetlights being greenish like the MV but i'm not sure. you have any night photos from back then?

  4. The time line of the dome at Georgia Instritute of Technology is interesting on the website you given. The construction was started 5 decades back.

    - Herman Swan

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