Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Beltline at Edgewood

This is the view from Edgewood Avenue facing south towards Cabbagetown. The left photo was taken November 2, 1997 and the photo at right was taken January 25, 2012.


This is the southern end of the old Southern Railway "Decatur Belt" which was abandoned around 1995 - 1996. It is now considered one of the prime sections of the ambitious Atlanta Beltline project which will include a network of trails, parks, and transit. Even before the Beltline idea was officially hatched, it seemed likely that the old rail line would be converted into bike trails or new roads. Either way, it was obvious that big changes were on the way so I followed the entire line from Cabbagetown to I-85 near Ansley Park on a beautiful November afternoon in 1997 and took a few dozen photos along the way. Many more to come...

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  1. Hi I'd love to see any other photos you took that day.