Monday, March 19, 2012

Airline Street 1997 / 2012

More shots from the southern end of the Decatur Belt rail line. This is the view facing north on Airline St. at the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing. Photo taken November 1997.

Nearly 15 years later the railroad and metal company are gone and Atlanta's now ubiqiutous condos have crept into the shot. February 2012.

Facing west from the same spot on Airline Street.
November 1997 / February 2012.

And, still from the same spot, the view facing SW toward Cabbagetown.

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  1. Just curious, I notice you make a lot of comments about the condos, do you view that as a negative change?

  2. The "more condos" line has become a running joke because they seem to have popped up everywhere and they all pretty much look alike. Several people have joked that instead of recreating my old photos, I should simply post a photo of a generic stucco box for the "now" shot. That's a little harsh but it is often difficult to take a photo without one appearing somewhere in the shot. I view them as a negative only in a visual sense. A photo of a weird, old, industrial or abandoned building is almost always more visually interesting than a photo of a big biege box. Out here in the suburbs, 19th century farmhouses are routinely replaced by strip malls and car washes. While the strip mall serves a pratical purpose, the old abandoned farm house was more aesthetically appealling. Hope that makes sense!